E27 Gerald Ross in Ashokan

Sitting down in the forest with an incredible uke player you really should know about

a year ago

Gerald Ross in Ashokan

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day at the Ashokan Uke Fest in Olivebridge, NY.

It was a beautiful place filled with lots of wonderful music-making. This episode is one of a few that I will release featuring instructors from the Ashokan Uke Fest.

Every time I attend a festival, I plan to wander and talk to as many people as possible. But every time I get too nervous and want to just relax and go with the flow.

So in these episodes it's just chats with great players/teachers. There's tons of great insight in these here episodes.

Here are the relevant links

Gerald's website

Ashokan Uke Fest

Hive ukuleles

Fremont polished low G

Here's another polished wound string I love to use, but it's for C on tenor.

Planet Waves Ukulele Capo

Personally, I love Sarah Maisel's straps. Hug straps are pretty cool, too. There are a lot to choose from.

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