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"Abe's Ukulele Podcast is well worth a listen. Abe has a nice, natural style and he's already racked up an impressive list of guests, from Jake Shimabukuro to Jim D'Ville. Check it out!" - Kamuke Magazine

About the show

This is a podcast for players and teachers of the ukulele to improve their skills at doing those things. I cover all sorts of things that I think are interesting and helpful on my journey to become a better uke teacher/player. Sometimes I'll be interviewing great teachers and players, other times I'll just be sharing insights and tips that can help you become a better musician.

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Well crafted

Abe’s Ukulele Podcast is a smooth brew of well crafted ukulele interviews and insights that will keep you coming back for more.

Stuart Yoshida, OokTown Podcast

Thumbs up!

Abe’s guests from across the ukulele spectrum are full of great ideas and stories, helpful for players and teachers. I also enjoy his relaxed conversational style. Thumbs up!

Cynthia K.

Something for everyone

Abe's podcast is a must listen for ukulele players and teachers alike. From his interviews with a veritable who's who of the ukulele world focusing on pedagogy, but not in a boring way, to discussions on making albums, there is something here for every listener. It is simply icing on the cake that Abe is blessed with the quintessential NPR voice!

Christopher Davis-Shannon

About the Host

Abe Deshotel

Abe Deshotel


Abe (ah-bay) is an ukulele teacher and musician that loves listening to podcasts. Longing for a podcast that shares teaching and playing knowledge of the ukulele, he decided to start one himself.

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Start listening to E37 Jake Shimabukuro in Hartford, CT
Start listening to E37 Jake Shimabukuro in Hartford, CT