E36 Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel from San Diego

Catching up with Craig and Sarah after a busy year

a year ago

Craig and Sarah in San Diego

I caught up with Craig and Sarah after their busy year.

This episode is really dense with ukulele advice, so buckle up.

They just released a holiday album. Check it out at http://www.cheemaisel.com/store/christmas-island

Craig and Sarah teach online here https://artistworks.com/ukulele-lessons-craig-sarah

At the time of posting, there's a 50% off sale on 1 year memberships.

There's a lot of related links today 😁

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Port Townsend Ukulele Festival

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Berliner Ukulele Festival


Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival

Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish is in NYC

Christmas in LA

Lyle Ritz's How Bout Uke

Abe Lagrimas' New Album

One of Bryan Tolentino's albums

Ben Folds


A performance by Hapa

Intro and outro music is by Blue Dot Sessions

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