E22 Kiku or Guitarlele with Terry

Chatting with Terry from Uke Like the Pros about ukulele and more

a year ago

Kiku or Guitarlele with Terry

Today's episode is all about ukulele, as usual, but also guitarlele, or the kīkū, not as usual.

Terry Carter was my guest. He's a great teacher and performer from California, USA.

Terry's got a brand new course on the guitarlele. You should definitely check it out if you're interested in this sweet new instrument.

For 20% off any course or membership at Uke Like the Pros, use the coupon SPECIAL20.

He's got a baritone ukulele course coming out soon!


The paddle boarding ukulele class I mentioned is Paddle and Strum

Terry's 5 common ukulele mistakes video

I hope you enjoyed this show.

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