E28 Bryan Tolentino at the Magic Fluke Co.

Chatting with a master in Sheffield, MA

a year ago

Bryan Tolentino at the Magic Fluke Co.

Back in May, I travelled up to the Magic Fluke Co. in Sheffield, MA to chat with Bryan Tolentino.

He was doing a little workshop/concert tour through the Northeast USA.

Find Bryan's website here

Live stream with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel

Here are some of the artists mentioned in the show.

Roy Smeck

Ohta San

Peter Moon

Byron Yasui

Jake Shimabukuro... do you really need a link? 😂 ok here it is

Aunty Genoa

Eddie Kamae Sons of Hawaii

Hoku Zuttermeister - Lāʻieikawai

My personal favorite example of Bryan's "fairy dusting."

Intro and outro music is by Blue Dot Sessions

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