E29 Ukulele Underground Crossover Pt. 1

Hanging out in the UU studio

10 months ago

Ukulele Underground Crossover part 1

I visited Kauai and hung out with the Ukulele Underground crew for a day. We did two podcast episodes and this is the first one. We talked about playing, performing, chickens, and more.

Note on Kauai: it is the oldest out of the main Hawaiian islands.

Video version is here: https://youtu.be/9VVAlZZwRQ0

Part 2 is here : https://ukuleleunderground.com/2019/07/tll-podcast-68-ukulele-aloha/

Some things we mentioned in the show:

Niihau (mentioned in the show) is the westernmost island of Hawaii, and is not open to the public.

Jim Beloff episode

My short Blackbird cover

Bandito Tyler by Aldrine Guerrero

Ukulele Underground

I can't find the James Hill album online T_T

Dragon by Jake Shimabukuro

Say Anything's first album

Ka'au Crater Boys

We Are One

Rump Shaker

Pure Heart 2

Panic at the Disco

Jim Croce's greatest hits

Kate Rusby

The Wilderness

Intro and outro music is by Blue Dot Sessions

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