E15 Teaching with ukulele percussion

A chat with Bryan LaPlante about his uke story and how he uses percussive techniques in his teaching.

2 years ago

Teaching with percussive uke

My guest today is Bryan LaPlante.


  • The uke contest winners were decided. The cutest video of my kids picking out the winners can be found here

  • The CT Ukulele Festival is happening on Sept 29th! ctukulelefestival.com

Bryan has a great story of his musical upbringing and how he met the ukulele.

He is a student of the James Hill Ukulele Initiative and uses percussive techniques in his classroom.

You can find Bryan's website here

Some of the musicians Bryan mentioned are Natalie McMaster and the Leahy Family

Hui, according to Mirriam-Webster, means

  1. partnership, syndicate
  2. club, association
  3. community gathering

JHUI is the abbreviation for the James Hill Ukulele Initiative. The new thing is that we call it JaHUI (jahooey). It's nice that it has a deeper meaning other than a silly pronunciation.

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