E33 Brad Bordessa on the Big Island

A long-distance chat with a great Hawaiian teacher/player of the uke.

6 months ago

Brad Bordessa from the Big Island

In my first semi-high-tech remote interview, my guest was Brad Bordessa, an ukulele teacher and player located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We talked about strings, baritones, performing, and more.

We also talked about how to pronounce ukulele. 😱🤔🧐🤙

Here's a great article Brad wrote about it.

Brad's website can be found here

His baritone ukulele site is here.

You can hear/buy Brad's music here.

For those curious about the situation regarding the Thirty Meter Telescope, check out this page. And this Facebook page

The two sites mentioned for strings were Strings by Mail and Just Strings

Ukulele Review Video Podcast with Brad Bordessa

Intro and outro music is by Blue Dot Sessions

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