E14 One-year giveaway!

I'm doing a giveaway! I also share some new things I've come across that you may find helpful.

2 years ago

An uke giveaway! and more

Thanks for your patience in getting this episode out this month!

I'm doing an ukulele giveaway with Uke Life Co!

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Listen to the episode for extra chances at winning for podcast listeners!

The First CT Uke Fest is happening on Sept 29th in Norwalk, CT!

I talked about why you should consider practicing songs more slowly from time to time to check your technique.

Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel's music can be found here. There are also digital albums available.

Brad Bordessa's Music

Brad's teaching website is called Live Ukulele.

The Ukulele Underground Podcast is full of great ukulele tips, tricks, and info.

The Habitat by Gimlet Media.

Listening to Abe's Ukulele Podcast on Radio Public earns me money. It's also a pretty decent podcast app, for Apple and Android, that's easy to use and makes reccomendations for you based on your listening.

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