E7 Jake Shimabukuro in Fairfield, CT

50 minutes
Jake Shimabukuro

I’m so excited to share today’s episode with you! I was able to sit down with Jake Shimabukuro for an interview last month when he came through Fairfield, CT for a concert.

Jake’s website can be found here. From there you can read more about him, hear his music, see where he’s playing next, and more. The song at the beginning and end of our conversation is “Missing Three” by Jake Shimabukuro from the album Grand Ukulele.

Nashville Sessions is his most recent album. You can hear it on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon among other shops.

Life on Four Strings is a wonderful movie from 2013 that shows a bit of Jake’s life as a virtuoso and touring musician.

Dave Preston is playing guitar with Jake on tour, and Nolan Verner is playing bass.

We talked a bit about how to practice more and make it easier for you to improve.

Ukulele Hale is a fantastic ukulele school in Honolulu, HI, founded by Jody Kamisato. Yes, Jake’s in the Guitar Player Magazine’s Hall of Fame! To see and find out more about Jake’s signature Kamaka, go here.

When we were discussing it, I said at one point “if you haven’t seen it” while trying to address you, the listeners. I think Jake thought I was talking to him, which is when he pointed out that the uke he’s using now on his tour is that exact model. I thought it was kinda funny. Of course he’s seen the uke being made for him!

I had a chance to play it a little. It’s truly an incredible instrument!

We talked a bit about strings and the pedals he’s using, too. “Blue Roses Falling” can be heard on his albums “Live in Japan” and “Gently Weeps”. Email me at podcast@ukuleleabe.com You can leave a review for the show at Apple Podcasts (iTunes) here.

For the contest, make sure you send me an email so that I know what your username is and so I can get the strings to you if you win. As always, thank you for listening!

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