E6 Looking for inspiration

20 minutes
Inspiring people/players

This episode I’m sharing a few of my favorite ukulele players to give you some inspiration. They all have a big presence on Instagram and I highly recommend checking them out on that platform.

As you may know, I love hearing and discovering the uke in many different scenarios. All of these players do what I think is a great job at exploring what the uke can do. This is not some ultimate list, just me sharing with you what I think are great sources of learning and inspiration.

First up is Destiny G, from the USA. She’s a music teacher and a fabulous singer. Her featured song is here, and you can find her instagram here.

Next is Natasha Ghosh, from the Netherlands. She covers a lot of really neat arrangements. She does her own as well as arrangements from other people. Her featured cover is here, and you can find her instagram here.

The next artist is Eat My Uke, from the UK. He also does a lot of really awesome arrangements. One I particularly love is here, and you can find his instagram here. He also plays uke in the band Bud Sugar, which you can listen to here.

Lastly, you gotta check out Banjolele Tinman. He specializes in “dance music for the old at heart.” The track featured is from his upcoming album which you can pre-order here. His instagram is here and his website is here.

My own inspiring way to play the uke was a cover of Cherry Wine by Hozier. You can here the full version here. And yes there are tabs here.

Finally, a huge source of inspiration (I’ve mentioned before) for me is The Ukulele Site. My son won an ukulele from them and they have so many amazing sound samples so you can listen to tons of amazing ukes. It’s not just great for hearing different ukes, but lots of great little tunes from the players there. Check out their instagram here for future contests!

I have two sets of KoAloha Crystal Colored Strings to giveaway! As far as I can tell, you can’t buy these anywhere. They’re soprano strings, and one set is red while the other is blue.

To enter the contest, just leave me a review on iTunes and send me an email at podcast(at)ukuleleabe.com once you’re done. If you’ve already left one, you’re already done. You just have to send me an email.

You can check out the strings I’m giving away here. I’ll be picking the winner at random and announcing it on a future episode.

I’m heading to the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree, so if you’re there come say hi. I’d love to meet you!

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