E3 Primer on Practice

26 minutes
Primer on Practice

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time, but I’m back. This time I’m talking about practice, teaching, great new ukes, and some ideas for musicians to check out.

Here‘s an article/video about effective practice by NPR and TED-Ed.

The metronome app I use when I practice is Tempo. The Ukulele App is another nice app for practice/learning ukulele. Yousician is another app for learning uke. It also teaches piano, guitar, and bass. There are so many resources out there for learning!

What are your favorites?

Ukulele Fretboard Roadmaps is a book that helps makes sense of knowing the entire fretboard and how to play scales, chords, and melodies everywhere on the fretboard.

Ledward Kaapana and Honoka and Azita are two artists I think you should check out if you haven’t.

Ledward played a concert in July that you can see here. He’s also on Spotify here. Honoka and Azita are on Spotify as well.

A great resource for hearing ukuleles if you can’t actually play them (great for buying too!) is The Ukulele Site. Another great place to hear ukes and read reviews on them as well is Got a Ukulele.

The GHS baritone-tuned Tenor strings can be found here. Living Water Strings can be found here. There’s many more other special sets than I mentioned on the podcast. Thanks for checking it out. Let me know what you think of the podcast so far!

Next month I’ll sit down with the great Jim Beloff to talk about ukulele and orchestras.


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